Verglass Products

Verglass develops and manufactures two main families of products, Miraglass and Miragrit, respectively glass powders and glass granulates designed to improve the physical and chemical performance of a variety of formulations and products.

The Miraglass product line includes all of the ultrafine powders manufactured by Verglass from recycled glass. Miraglass micronized powders are high value-added products for different sectors of major industries that provide several advantages when inserted in mixtures used to manufacture various products. Miraglass is divided into three families: Miracem for grouted cements and mortars, Miraplast for plastics and rubbers, and Mirapaint for paints, varnishes, adhesives and other coating mixes.

Miraplast products are additives for plastic and rubber formulations, offering, among other things, better dimensional stability for products.

Miracem products are additives for cements, grouts and mortars to provide better chemical and physical performance.

Mirapaint products are additives for the formulation of paints, varnishes, adhesives and other liquid coatings or 100% solid mixtures.